EP: 15 Gentoku McCree – From rock star roadie to the zen monastery and beyond

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Samuel (Gentoku) McCree thought he had it all at one point.

Working in the music industry, he had what some might consider one of the coolest jobs. Parties, groupies, drugs, and everything else can think of that comes with the role of being a music studio manager.

It all changed one day when Gentoku decided to do what he thought was right.

In my interview with Toku (as he’s known), we dive into his story of how he went from being a very conservative man from a religious family before college to a crazy rebellious hippy who was willing to do anything for fun and adventure.

His story takes an interesting turn when he gets fired from his dream job that then leads him to a chance meeting with a person who introduces him to zen meditation.

So what happens after that?

He moves to a Zen Monastery for 2 years and becomes a mindful habit coach and personal trainer. Duh!

So many take aways from this episode!

Please enjoy and be mindful!

“The most important thing you can do to be successful in changing habits is to fail with awareness” – Gentoku McCree

What you can expect to learn:

  • Tips on preparing yourself for the risky and uncomfortable that’ll make your life easy
  • How to quit smoking and start a business
  • Why doing the right thing, can and probably will lead to disaster
  • The best way to assure you’ll do what you’re probably not going to do
  • What you can do to avoid experiential materialism and enjoy every moment
  • Why you really shouldn’t cheer up your friends when they’re down
  • What’s the quickest way to get over a loss


Things mentioned in the show:

Gentoku’s FREE EBOOK http://mindfitmove.com/failinggreatly

Attend his live Q&As 5pm PST at http://http://mindfitmove.com



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Take Aways:

  • Build positive habits by taking small simple steps that stretch you little by little over time.
  • If possible, start your business now! Don’t wait until you’ve quit your job or when something bad has happened. The learning comes from doing and if you can start learning now, that’ll make it easier on you when you are all in.
  • Date your future job. Just like dating someone before getting married, don’t be afraid to try different jobs you’ve wondered about. You might find that your dream job is really a nightmare!
  • In order to be present, you must do less.
  • The bad things in life are in a way necessary and are what allows us to truly enjoy the good things.
  • Don’t just try to think positively when you’re feeling down. If you’re sad, really feel it and go through the emotion. Then try to seek the wisdom from your experience.
  • When you’re feeling down, don’t just try to force yourself to think positively, take action. Any action. If you’re invited to hang with friends, do it. If you’ve put off a vacation but now are free to go, then go!
  • Don’t focus on succeeding, but focus on the failures. That’s where you’ll learn the most
  • So many more! Listen to the show yo!

“It’s not about making numbers, it’s about making meaning” – Gentoku

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