EP:12 Dean Patino – Top 5 Percent Income Earner, Baseball Fanatic, and On A Mission To Give


Dean Patino of Top5PercentIncome.com

After working for a great company, playing baseball regularly with amazing friends, and making more than enough money to get by, Dean Patino felt a calling to give more of himself to others.

In this episode, I talk with this top 5 percent income earner to figure out how he reached his success in business and life.

Sometimes starting a business isn’t about making more money. It’s about helping more people.

That’s exactly what Dean does at his website top5percentincome.com

Dean also has a website dedicated to helping new entrepreneurs start their businesses at http://www.firestarterscompany.com/

In our conversation, we dive deep into how Dean was able to overcome his fear of the unknown and how he expanded his comfort zone and began working with more people outside of his day job.

We also talk about his process for hiring virtual assistants which has given him the freedom to pursue other projects, work full time, and spend valuable time with his family!

“I can’t count on working for someone forever” – Dean Patino

What you can expect learn:

  • Tips on how to get comfortable with working with more people
  • How to hire the best virtual assistant
  • Why you should start a business even if you’re making enough money at your day job
  • Why your high school and college grades has nothing to do with how smart you are
  • If its a good idea to hire someone to write your copy for you.

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