EP: 16 Caleb Wojcik – From Corporate Finance guy, to Fizzle guy, to DIY Video Guy

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How do you know when its time to quit something you’ve worked on for so long?

What are the clues to look for that tell you what you’re next move should be?

Caleb Wojcik shares some interesting insights from his own experience as he leaves the company he helped start, Fizzle.co, to pursue his passion for making films and building a successful business.

Caleb’s journey started like most going through college chasing after the idea of finding a secure job which landed him in corporate finance. After getting his MBA, he began to play around with the idea of starting his own business which led him to where he is today.

Listen in as I ask him about what drove his choice, what lessons he learned along the way, and how anyone else in a similar situation should approach their choice.


“…seeing what people were able to do, opened my eyes – Caleb Wojcik

What you can expect to learn:

  • What are the signs that it is time to move on from your current project
  • How to get recognized by your peers and connect with key people in your field
  • What’s the last thing you should worry about when choosing a career or starting a business
  • At what point does it make sense to outsource task and it doesn’t
  • What you can do to keep from Fizzling out and stay motivated



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Take Aways:

  • Be open to opportunities. Caleb was asked by Pat Flynn to help with some video work, and that led him to want to start his own film studio!
  • Listen to the things that continue to resurface in your life.
  • Don’t blindly chase after the most stable and secure options. They might not be as stable and secure as you think and could rob you of true fulfillment
  • Avoid holding on to things just because you’ve done them for a long time. Take it as an experience and if you feel called to try something else, be open to explore.
  • Stay connected with others in your industry or field. Caleb was very active on forums which was how he eventually connected with Corbett Barr which led to the creation of Fizzle.co
  • Paying for a mentor is great, but if you can find a paid mentorship where you are paid to learn, that’s even better!


The One Thing:

Write down the worse thing that can happen to you if you were to do the thing you’ve been wanting to do.

This will help you face that fear and begin to focus on how its really not all that bad.

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