EP: 14 Krista Stryker – Online Entrepreneur, Fitness Professional, and Writer

FG - Krista Stryker


Krista Stryker of  12minuteathlete.com

What does it take to build a successful blog, a amazing mobile app, and the ability to travel anywhere all while doing what you love?

Krista Styker knows it ain’t easy.

She’s the founder of 12MinuteAthlete.com which provides high intensity interval training programs and other incredibly effective workouts that you can do in around 12 minutes a day.

Krista started her journey as a copywriter, following her passion for writing. From there she had many twists and turns which led a few failed blogs.

In my interview with Krista, she shares her story that led her to travel the world, start a token personal development blog (like we all do!), to finally finding the idea for the 12 Minute Athlete in a single evening!

What you can expect to learn:

  • How your passion at first might not lead to your dream job
  • What epic copywriting and squat jumps have in common
  • What’s the one element your blog needs to seriously take off
  • What are the signs you’re way too into something and need to chill
  • Why working from home sucks
  • How to get things done when you don’t like to focus on one thing! *GASP*

Things mentioned in the show:

AWAI Six Figure Copywriting for Travelers

12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts App


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Take Aways:

  • Be careful not to let those around you effect you negatively. Always check in with yourself and what feels right to you.
  • Listen to feedback. This can be from mentors and people you look up to, or from a significant other who thinks you’ might be working too hard
  • Try everything. Don’t worry about what others might think or how you might look if things fall a part. The fact that you’re at least trying something shows that you’re on the right path to living an extraordinary life.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend the money when it comes to learning. Krista went through copywriting courses and had mentors teach her the things that ultimately led her to building a successful business.
  • Have hobbies. Although focusing is key when it comes to business, you need some variety in life. Pick up hobbies that you can do when you’re not working and be sure to do what you really enjoy doing. Life is more than just growing a business.
  • Focus on a few projects at a time. If you can’t just focus on one thing as is suggest, try to focus on no more than 3 things and find your own natural rhythm to working. If you get bored often and need to switch things up, then do it. Just try not to get carried away 😉


Find Krista Stryker at

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