EP: 13 Martin Dasko – Free Spirit, Financial Adviser, and Professional Wrestler

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Do you have goals that seem too difficult to achieve? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never get the chance? Do you feel like you could accomplish more if you knew how to juggle your time better?

Well, here is a guy who’s figured out how, at the ripe age of 26!

Founder of studenomics.com, which he began 5 years ago, he dedicates his time sharing to 20-somethings (or anyone who is still figuring things out) about personal finance, making money, and getting the most out of life.

Not only that, he also started KettlebellRebels.com which takes working out, fitness, and healthy living to a whole other level.

Martin is truly living an extraordinary life, spending most of his time doing what he loves – weight training, jujitsu, and kicking butt as a professional wrestler!

Super cool stuff, right?

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

“Say yes to adventure! Say yes to things that are going to improve me, help me out in some way, or challenge me.” – Martin Dasko 

What you can expect learn:

  • Why being unconventional is down right necessary
  • Why community college is better than a university
  • Where to find the best information starting your own business
  • How writing about anything is always the best way to start
  • What tools you can use to share your ideas
  • How to handle your time when you are bad at handling your time
  • How to get focused when you have a short …oooh shiny!
  • Uncommon ways to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Take Aways:

  • Do something unconventional – don’t take the easy route or what’s popular
  • Be different. Be open to odd jobs
  • Know what you are interested in and learn about them
  • Realize that there is no perfect idea – execution over education
  • Do something inspirational and bold – research, write, and then live that story
  • Appreciate criticisms and use it to improve yourself
  • Know what you are good at and practice it… “Reading does not make you. It’s the action that defines who you are.”
  • When you want something done, figure out a way to get it done – be relentless and do whatever it takes
  • Look for the best time when you are most productive. Don’t force it… “Act on motivation the moment it happens.”
  • Stay motivated. Listen to my podcast more 😉

“You can’t be afraid of failure. You can’t hide. You gotta get out there and take some risks, have some fun, make some mistakes, and work toward your goals.” – Martin Dasko

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