Combining passions with hobbies to start your own business with John Bosse

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Ever wonder when is the right time to quit your job to pursue your own business?

Do you have a few different skills and passions that you’re just not sure can turn into a viable business?

On this episode, I have John Bosse share exactly what he did to launch a wildly successful podcast with over a million downloads and combine his love for creative things with his love for bodybuilding.

John comes from humble beginnings but gives a lot as you’ll find in this interview.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How thinking back to your childhood can shed light on what you can do for business
  • Ways to tell if you’re doing something for yourself or for other people
  • Ready to drop your day job? Think again!
  • How living with entrepreneurs can give you the boost you need
  • Is spending time on yourself a waste of time?


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Take Aways:

  • Be creative and open to all things. Don’t get stuck with just one idea
  • Work on making things that you need. It’ll always always be something others will want too
  • Go after the things that you really want to learn. He wanted to learn more about fitness and nutrition for himself, so he studied it and that’s what eventually led him to his current business
  • Always seek to fill a void when it comes to product creation
  • Don’t feel bad if the hate certain aspects of the thing you start. John experienced that too and was able to outsource all the things he hated so he could do the things he loved.
  • Be resourceful. In business, you’ll always run into a problem. ALWAYS. So its essential to handle things calmly and find a solution. You’ve heard it before…where there’s a will, there’s a way 😛

The One Thing:

Just start. Whatever you were maybe kind of thinking about doing….just DO IT! You wont know what the next steps are or where that path might take you until you start walking down that path. Remember that its about the journey, not the destination.

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