8 Cafes In Da Nang Made For Digital Nomads

*UPDATE: April 8, 2018 – Da Nang has grown exponentially since writing this article and many of the cafes are no longer around. Instead what I’ve done is create a Custom Google Map of Digital Nomad Cafes in Da Nang. I update this when I can, although it’s not as detailed as this article. If you’d like to know more about the Digital Nomad scene in Da Nang, join the Digital Nomads in Da Nang Facebook Group. Hope to have coffee with you when you visit 😉 

Cafes were MADE for working online.

I’m not sure the cafe owner’s intention was to run a well-caffinated office space, but they totally are!

They have everything you need to get stuff done really.

Coffee. Wifi. More Coffee.

I have to say that I have a major bias towards working in cafes instead of an offices or co-working spaces since they’re TOTALLY FREE and often have better environments for doing inspired-work.

Living in Da Nang, Vietnam, I find myself in a coffee lover’s paradise with endless coffee shops to explore.

There just one problem.

Cafes on Google Maps

What happens when I search for “cafes” in Da Nang


I absolutely love the culture here in Vietnam of hanging out at cafes!

But finding a good cafe to sit for a few hours to work can be a bit troublesome. Especially if you’re not familiar with the area and the various types of cafes around.

You’ll find many local style coffee shops with tiny tables and tiny-er chairs.

These are great for having a coffee while chatting with friends, but not the best for getting some serious work done.

Small tables and chairs

Small tables and chairs make for an intimate time with loved ones, but terrible on your back after starring at a laptop for a while.

You’ll also find quiet, zen-like cafes where you sit on small cushions on the floor sipping your coffee or tea.

I love these type of cafes for chilling, reading, or even meditating, but it’s not much fun for comfortably working on my lappy.

Cong Cafe Hanoi

This was at Cong Cafe in Hanoi… but you get the idea.

Then there are your more hipster-like cafes chock full of elaborate decorations and tattooed baristas.

C.C.G. Cafe

Bike decoration at C.C.G. Cafe. One of my favorite places to chill.

After visiting an insane amount of cafes and having more cups of coffee than I care to admit, I’ve discovered the BEST CAFES FOR DIGITAL NOMADS IN DA NANG!

…in my humble opinion 😉

For a cafe to be good enough to work in, it needs a few essentials.

The 6 Essentials a Cafe needs to be suitable for a digital nomad

In order for a cafe to be an ideal place for me to work, I’ve narrowed down the needs to 6 things:

  1. Good Coffee
  2. Good Wifi
  3. A sufficient amount of power outlets
  4. Regular sized tables and chairs
  5. Air Conditioning
  6. An Inspiring atmosphere

Some cafes in Da Nang have all of these, while others only have some.

The following cafes had, what I felt, to be a good amount of all of the above. I hope you get a chance to visit one or ALL of these cafes!

To make it easier on you to choose your next cafe, I’ve given each cafe an overall ★ rating on their Coffee quality, Wifi quality, Power outlets available And Inspiring atmosphere (which can mean views, decorations, and music).

★★★★★ = Best of the best.

★ = Meh

Bare in mind these are all totally my own opinion. I encourage you to try them out yourself!

1. Wonderlust Bakery & Coffee

WonderlustWonderlust Coffee and LaptopWonderlust Cafe Cameras





This was one of the first cafes I stumbled on when I was looking for a good cup of coffee. It was also the first place I found to have the Italian style of espresso.

Awesome espressos and lattes and a really cool environment to work in!

Wonderlust Speedtest1

Wonderlust Ratings:

Coffee Quality: ★★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★★

Power Outlets: ★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★★

Wonderlust’s Facebook Page

Address: 101 Trần Phú

Google Maps Location

2. Allen Coffee

Allen Coffee Outside Tables Allen Coffee Tables Allen Coffee Food Allen Coffee Wifi Speed

This is an AWESOME cafe not only for getting work done, but they also have DELICIOUS breakfast options. Vietnamese foods of course. Beef Noodles, My Quang Chicken Noodles, Sticky Rice, and much more!

The wifi is decent, but what I love about the place is how much space it has.

Allen Coffee Ratings

Coffee Quality: ★★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★★

Power Outlets: ★★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★★

Allen Coffee’s Facebook Page

Address: Bình Minh 3, Bình Thuận

Google Maps Location

3. Caracoli Coffee inside Vincom

Caracoli Coffee2 This cafe is on the 4th floor of the Vincom Mall on Ngô Quyền Street. Not only does this place have some of the best tasting coffee around, but they have just about every table equipped with its own power outlets!

Caracoli Coffee1Caracoli Coffee Wifi


Caracoli Coffee Ratings

Coffee Quality: ★★★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★★

Power Outlets: ★★★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★

Caracoli Coffee’s Facebook Page

Location: 496 Ngô Quyền

Google Maps Location

4. Underground Coffee

Underground CoffeeI come here almost everyday for their tasty Coffee Milk with Cacao! Tastiest mocha EVAR!

They get quite busy in the morning and evenings, but I find it a nice place to work while everyone around me is hanging out. Not loud at all.

Underground Coffee Wifi


Underground Coffee and Me

That’s me trying not to look at that girl’s screen and failing.



Milk Coffee with Cacao

Underground Coffee Ratings

Coffee Quality: ★★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★

Power Outlets: ★★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★★

Underground Coffee’s Facebook Page

Address: 50 Phan Chu Trinh

Google Maps Location

5. Urban Station

Urban Station 3 This place has about 4 floors, packed with tables and plenty of power outlets!

I found them to be quite festive during Christmas which was nice to see 🙂




Urban Station WifiUrban Station 4 Urban Station 2 Urban Station 1

Urban Station Ratings

Coffee Quality: ★★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★★★★

Power Outlets: ★★★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★★★

Urban Station’s Facebook Page

Address: 114 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai

Google Maps Location

6. Around Cafe

Around Cafe 4 Around Cafe 3

A hip cafe with a cool environment of graffiti and a shop of awesome apparel. If you come here, be sure to try their Cinnimin Coffees. THEY’RE DOPE!

SUPER FAST wifi too. Definitely one of my favorite places to come when I need to upload things to Dropbox.

Located just below the equally awesome Perdu bar.

Around Cafe 2 Around Cafe 1Around Cafe Wifi

Around Ratings

Coffee Quality: ★★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★★★★

Power Outlets: ★★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★★★

Around Cafe’s Facebook Page

Address: 29 Ngô Gia Tự

Google Maps Location

7. Mia Coffee

Mia Coffee_3 Mia Coffee_2 Mia Coffee_1 Mia Coffee

I love the space here! Its nice and open, with lots of wood and brick. The emphasis here is definitely on the coffee but they’ve done an excellent job at making the space feel inviting and relaxing.

Mia Coffee RatingsMia Coffee Wifi

Coffee Quality: ★★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★★★★

Power Outlets: ★★★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★★★

Mia Coffee’s Facebook Page

Address: 9 Quang Trung

Google Maps Location

8. Temple Danang Cafe & Restaurant

Temple Cafe 2 Temple Cafe_2

This has to be the best setting to take photos of your laptop and beach making everyone jealous at their office jobs.

The cost of coffee and food is pricey, but the view has to be the most inspiring of all the cafes in Da Nang.

Temple Cafe WifiTheir wifi ain’t so bad either!

Temple Cafe & Restaurant Ratings

Coffee Quality: ★★★

Wifi Quality: ★★★★

Power Outlets: ★★

Inspiring Environment: ★★★★★

Temple Resort Website

Address: Vo Nguyen Giap, Phước Mỹ, Sơn Trà

Google Maps Location


Don’t let this list stop you from venturing out and discovering the other cafes that are out there! As the city continues to grow, you can be sure to find many more digital nomad havens.

Keep me updated on what you find out there!

Am I missing any here?

Leave me a comment and let me know!