EP:11 Timothy Moser – Entrepreneur, Memory Master, and Former Goatherder

Timothy Moser TFGS

Timothy Moser of MasterofMemory.com

Want to know how to be more productive and  feel less stressed?

Want tips on improving your memory and learning a lot more, faster?

Timothy Moser of the ACE Productivity podcast, and the founder of MasterofMemory.com has the answers!

Timothy grew up in the country helping to care for his family’s farm and business. Milking goats was not uncommon to this guy!

Even with a humble background, Timothy had enough drive and passion to pursue his dream of starting a business that could provide him the lifestyle he knew he could have.

What I love about Timothy is that he’s only 23 years old and already on the path towards success. In our interview, Timothy amazes me with his overall knowledge of productivity and the balance he’s been able to achieve in his life.

This is an episode where I dive deep into the philosophy of Timothy as I find out how he was able to choose his business idea amongst the many other ideas. He shares his strategy for getting things done, how to choose your business, and how to make the most of your time.

“Make the right things easier to do” – Timothy Moser

What you can expect learn:

  • Productivity hacks-of-plenty!
  • What to spend your time on that will lead to the lifestyle you want
  • How and where you can keep your many business ideas
  • How forgetting about work can help you get more done
  • Why you should never feel guilty for not doing what you should have done
  • How to know whether or not you should be taking advice from someone

Take Aways:

  • Wake up early to get more done
  • Find your own flow to get more done. “…don’t think of it as a battle of will power, so much as learning what works for you”
  • Be careful of what you spend your time on.
  • Know that there will always be tomorrow.
  • Acknowledge your fear and carry on.
  • The world always has something to give you, and you always have something to give the world.

“The world always has something to give you, and you always have something to give the world” – Timothy Moser

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